4Oil Prices - O il P r ices Price and availability of...

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Oil Prices Price and availability of energy are among the uppermost issues on the energy security agenda of both producers and consumers. However they approach it with different concerns. While consumers look at energy security in terms of affordable prices and abundance of supplies, producers see it in terms of predictable market demand and prices high enough to cost justify the massive upfront investments. Producers and consumers alike have important roles to play to assure energy security. Producers should provide enough supply to meet current market demand, and place adequate investments in production infrastructure to be able to meet future demand growth. However, given the long development lead-time and the high level of investment required in energy projects, prices must reflect adequate returns on these projects. Correspondingly, consuming countries should invest in new technology that will improve energy efficiency and reduce undesirable environmental effects of fossil fuel. Clear, stable, long term policies in the consuming countries can help build the confidence investors need -
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4Oil Prices - O il P r ices Price and availability of...

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