6The Fundamentals of GAS and LNG

6The Fundamentals of GAS and LNG - trains and adding trains...

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The Fundamentals of GAS and LNG With the recent technological developments in the LNG industry, it is now becoming a global marketed commodity, allowing buyers in the EU a greater flexibility to import gas from multiple sources irrespective of distance and national boundaries, thus, offering a diversified import sources and reducing the risk associated with reliance on a single supplier. LNG can offer a alternative solution to the security of gas supply concern, especially in light of the significant reductions in cost throughout the entire value chain of LNG that have been achieved through economies of scale, . By increasing the size of liquefaction
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Unformatted text preview: trains and adding trains to existing projects, using larger carriers to transmit LNG and increase capacity of the receiving terminal, Qatar is planning to utilize cost reduction to compete effectively in the LNG markets in the EU and around the world. Also from an environmental perspective, as you are aware, natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel, which gives it a significant advantage over other energy sources, particularly coal. Switching to gas is a cost-effective alternative to meet the Kyoto Protocol’s targets and effectively address climate change issues in the EU....
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