8Management in an Energy

8Management in an Energy - hedging as well as...

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Management in an Energy-Concerned Economy opportunity to: Understand the energy business environment and market drivers: geopolitics of resources (Oil & Gas, Coal and Mining), energy demand structure, producers and end-user strategies, industry organization and regulations; Understand energy markets and contracts, as well as the price formation mechanisms; Understand energy technologies and their potential impact on the business model; Develop and implement strategies to address issues associated with energy prices, volatility,
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Unformatted text preview: hedging, as well as energy-sensitive investment and financing requirements; • Reflect on the extent to which climate change response policies (to include new travel modes and housing/building technologies) will affect corporate strategies worldwide; • Share your experience with other seasoned managers and executives and build a network of peers; • Challenge your assumptions with top professionals from the industry’s major companies....
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