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Leadership MBTI ISTP Introversion He likes quiet and private space for concentration. Sensing Likes to do things with a practical bent. Thinking Can work without harmony, and upset people inadvertently by overlooking their emotions. Decides impersonally, paying insufficient attention to people’s wishes. Tends to be firm-minded and ready to offer critiques. Perceiving Have the habit of starting tasks and leaving them open for last minute changes or even unfinished. FIRO-B Inclusion Low Expressed Low Wanted Working in an environment where his privacy is protected and don’t have to mix too frequently with others. Although need less attention and recognition
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Unformatted text preview: than most people, still want to recognized fairly for his contributions. Control Low Expressed Low Wanted Prefer to work in an environment doing things his own way at his own pace, and without close supervision, structure or rules. He generally doesn’t want the responsibility of being in charge, nor does he want others telling him what to do. Affection Low Expressed Low Wanted He is highly selective in his relationships. He doesn’t show much closeness or caring towards most people, nor does he want them to act that way towards him. MBTI INTP Introversion He likes quiet and private space for concentration....
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