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11Leadership Approaches - really hard in order to make him...

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Leadership Approaches: Different leadership approaches had to be taken for resolving my teams’ problems. With Ken and Brian, I had to use enabling leadership; where with Dan, I had to use forceful leadership. I could not use enabling leadership with Dan; he would have overused it, and would have gone off the limits. In order to have Dan focus on what he is supposed to do, I had to take charge, assume authority, give direction and step in when problems arise. He needed to be held accountable so I had to push him
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Unformatted text preview: really hard in order to make him focus. For Ken and Brian, they needed to be empowered in order to give them room to contribute and trust others. I had to give them chance to talk and listen carefully to them in order to attract them to trust and work with others. I kept suffering with Ken in the way he treated others. He was very impatient with others, especially people he mentors and many times rude with his colleagues....
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