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12Leadership Styles - L eadership Styles Even though I...

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Leadership Styles: Even though I wished to use the Authoritative style with the team, I felt that the absence of harmony between the team prevented me from doing so. Being a service department, there was no vision to work towards, nor there was a clear direction to anyone. I could have told them that the vision is to be the best service provider in the organization, but I felt they would not care that much about it. With Ken, I felt the Affiliative style was the most efficient style to use. I wanted to let him know that “People come first”. I wanted him to value individuals and their emotions more than tasks and goals even though tasks and goals were still very and extremely important. I tried to tell him that he can keep employees happy while doing his tasks and that conflicts were really slowing down work and not bringing any advancement when pushing and forcing his opinion. I started with sitting with Ken and the less senior engineers working with him. My presence made him extra careful when talking to them. I would ask anyone “what do you think is the best way to do this?” in order to share everyone and create harmony. Ken was still a difficult person to deal with. The guys would still complain about him. I initiated more one- on-one meetings with Ken trying to get him to produce to the best he can. I felt a desire from him to move to Windows server and leave Windows desktop to one of the
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less senior guys who he always had conflicts with. He was very motivated when I
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