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EEL 6502 Hmw # 6 Due April 22, 2011 This problem can be called frequency doubling, because we want to learn the mapping that doubles the frequency of a single sinewave with an adaptive filter. Take the input at 1KHz sampled at 10KHz, and the desired response at 2KHz, and generate 1/2 second of data. First use a linear FIR filter of size 10 trained with Wiener solution and LMS. Verify that the Wiener filter fails (at it should) since a linear filter cannot create new frequencies.
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Unformatted text preview: Show also that the LMS, if the learning rate is large enough, can approximate the output, however, the weight tracks never stabilize. Then apply the KLMS to this problem (also using 10 taps) and show that the solution is very reasonable. Show the learning curve. Experiment with different kernel sizes and also stepsizes. Can you plot the weight tracks?...
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