Exam 2 Review - p. 1 Consumer Behavior Fall 2010 Questions...

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p. 1 Consumer Behavior Fall 2010 Questions for review, Exam 2 These questions should help you organize your thoughts and prepare for the exam. The questions on these pages are, in general, much broader than the questions you’ll find on the exam; that me ans that the questions on the exam may include details not listed here. But, if you can give thorough, specific, and detailed answers to these questions, you’ll be in good shape for the exam. If you get “stuck” while you’re studying, I’ll be happy to poi nt you in the right direction. But first, try to answer the question yourself, and then tell me what you think the right answer might be. (So, don’t just email me and say something like, “What’s the answer to #2b?”) The exam covers lectures from October4 October25, as well as chapters 9, 10 (p. 386-end), 11, and 12. 1. Decision-making stages a. What are the stages that a person might go through when making a decision? How do certain factors influence whether we go through all of those stages? b. What happens in the “problem recognition” stage? How might marketers encourage people to recognize that they have a problem that needs to be solved? What is the difference between stimulating primary and secondary demand? c. What factors affect whether your product will be retrieved in internal search? What factors increase external search? Describe the “sets” that emerge after a search. 2. Consumer judgment and choice a. What is the rational theory of choice, and what are the invariance and regularity criteria? Is the rational theory an accurate description of decision making? Why or why not? b. What is a heuristic? Explain and give examples of the representativeness heuristic, the availability heuristic, and the anchoring and adjustment heuristic. c.
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Exam 2 Review - p. 1 Consumer Behavior Fall 2010 Questions...

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