Exam 3 Review - p. 1 MAR 3503 Fall 2010 Review questions,...

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p. 1 MAR 3503 Fall 2010 Review questions, Exam 3 These questions should help you organize your thoughts and prepare for the third exam. The questions on these pages are, in general, much broader than most of the questions you’ll find on the exam; that means that the questions on the exam may include details not listed here. But, if you can give thorough, specific, and detailed answers to these questions, you’ll be in good shape for the exam questions that come from the lectures. I f you get “stuck” while you’re studying these questions, I’ll be happy to point you in the right direction. But first, try to answer the question yourself, and then tell me what you think the right answer might be. The exam will also cover the guest speaker, the group presentations, chapters 4, 6, and 14, and the assigned part of chapters 10 (through p. 386) and 17 (pp. 638-end). 1. Personality, motivation, values a. What is personality? Why /how are consistency and distinctness important for personality variables? Why might understanding personality be useful in marketing? b. What does Freud’s theory say about personality and its origins? What are the components of the mind according to Freud, and how are the conflicts between those components supposedly resolved? Why is the use of symbols important from a Freudian perspective? How might marketers take advantage of Freud’s ideas? What might some problems with a Freudian approach be? c. What is a trait, and what are the five elemental traits? (Be sure you know what each means.) What sorts of things can the traits predict? What are some subsidiary traits, and what do they mean? d. Why might we want to think of personality as a moderator, and what does this mean? e. What is motivation? What are the sources of motivation, and how are biogenic and psychogenic needs different? What are some psychogenic (learned) needs? f.
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Exam 3 Review - p. 1 MAR 3503 Fall 2010 Review questions,...

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