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Consumer Behavior Group Project Instructions Overview This project will give you experience applying some of the concepts you’ve learned in class as you collect data on consumer behavior. It will also give you experience collaborating with your peers. I will provide you with topics to choose from, but you will still have a great deal of flexibility as to how you actually implement your project. Written report (Due November 29) Your report should be ten double-spaced pages maximum, including graphs and tables. You may have a separate cover page that does not count in the ten-page limit. The report should at least include: (1) Introduction: Give some background on the problem or product being studied; describe the purpose of the study. (2) Hypotheses: Say what you predict and why. This can be fairly short. (3) Procedure: Say what you did. (4) Results: Report relevant means and other appropriate summary statistics; don’t just say “many” or “a lot.” You may use tables, graphs, and figures, if appropriat e. Inferential statistics, like t-tests, are not required, but if you feel comfortable using them, they may help you make your point. (5) Conclusions and marketing implications: Say what can be learned from your results and what a firm might do in response to the results. (6) Limitations of your project: Say what might keep your results from being generalizable and what you would do differently in follow-up studies. Oral presentation ( Groups 1, 2, 3, 4 will present Nov. 29; Groups 5, 6, 7 will present Dec. 1.) Your presentation (15-20 minutes) may contain the same sections that your written report contains. It is important that you communicate your study clearly to the rest of the class, as they will be evaluating your presentation. Try to get the audience enthused about your topic! I encourage you to use ads, demonstrations, and other techniques to make the topic interesting to the class. You may have one spokesperson for the group, or you may share speaking roles among several group members. If you are using PowerPoint, I strongly suggest that you bring a backup (or several backups) of your slides
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Group Assignment - Consumer Behavior Group Project...

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