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Individual Assignment - Consumer Behavior MAR 3503,...

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Consumer Behavior MAR 3503, Sections 0111, 2948, and 2950 Fall 2010 Individual Written Assignment Due at the start of class, Wednesday, September 15 Worth: 20 points For this assignment, you will design research strategies to compare how well two advertisements attract consumers’ attention. You need to complete either Option 1 or Option 2 below. Option 1: Select a product that is advertised in print. Within one medium, find two different ads from 2010 for the same product. For example, you might find two different magazine ads for Diet Coke. o Print ads may be found in many different media, including newspapers and magazines. Your ads should come from the same medium, but the ads do not need to come from the same specific source within a medium. For example, if you have two magazine ads, one could be from Newsweek and another could be from Time . o The product can be a good, a service, a place to live, an event, or anything else. o “Same product” means that advertised products really should be identical : same brand, same version, etc. Staple the ads or a copy of the ads to the back of your assignment. Indicate the source of each ad and the date that each ad appeared. To open your assignment, briefly (in a sentence or two) describe each ad. What product do the ads promote? In what main ways do the ads differ? Next, state your hypothesis: which ad do you predict to be more likely to attract consumers’ attention? State your reasons for formulating this hypothesis: what, specifically, about this ad will make it more attention-getting? Be sure to support this hypothesis with wh at you’ve learned about “source factors that draw attention. Now, select two research methods to test this hypothesis.
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Individual Assignment - Consumer Behavior MAR 3503,...

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