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Noteshells01 - Perception attention memory comprehension...

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1 1 Introduction: What is Consumer Behavior? 2 Why try to understand consumers? Goal of marketing is to influence consumers. But, to influence consumers, marketers must understand consumers. Marketers are therefore influenced by consumers. Must consider not just what consumers prefer, but also consider why consumers prefer it! Reciprocal influence between marketers and consumers. 3 What are the responses that marketers can influence (and should therefore understand) ? Cognitions (thoughts) Product-related knowledge, beliefs, opinions, intentions Affect (feelings) Product-related emotions (Observable) Behaviors Product-related decisions and actions
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2 4 When can marketers influence these responses? Pre-acquisition Acquisition Whether, what, why, how, when, where, how much, how often, etc. Post-acquisition Use Disposal Re-purchase 5 What must we understand to influence these responses? Basic human abilities, limitations, and tendencies
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Unformatted text preview: Perception, attention, memory, comprehension, categorization Attitudes, attitude change Decision making Individual differences and personal factors Motivation, needs, personality, demographics Environment Friends, family, group norms, culture These interact to shape thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. 6 Whom do we want to influence? Purchaser, but also… “Influencers” User Information gatherer Decider 3 7 A definition of “Consumer Behavior” The totality of consumers’ thoughts, feelings, and decisions about the consumption, acquisition, and disposition of goods, services, activities, and ideas. 8 …but who cares? Marketing managers Policy makers Ethicists and consumer advocacy groups We do (as consumers!) 9 Next up… How do we learn how consumers behave?...
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Noteshells01 - Perception attention memory comprehension...

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