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Schedule for BRANDMAPS (MR = Order marketing Research Studies; MD = Make all the available Marketing Decisions) Quarter Date Decisions Needed Other 1 26-Jan MR only MD were already made for you. 2 2-Feb MD and MR No new products can be introduced and no reformulations allowed yet. 3 9-Feb MD and MR Reformulations allowed (one per quarter) from now on each quarter, but no new products (i.e, a #3 brand) allowed yet 4 16-Feb MD and MR ditto 5 23-Feb MD and MR Same as above, plus a new region (5) will be opened up for research purposes only.
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Unformatted text preview: 6 2-Mar MD and MR ditto 7 18-Mar MD and MR Same as above, plus we will allow you to move brands (either current or reformulated ones) into region 5 this quarter or any time later on. 8 25-Mar MD and MR ditto 9 1-Apr MD and MR ditto 10 ??** MD and MR ditto * Some time (about Q6), you can introduce a 3rd brand. You will be given advance notice about when you can do this. ** We will decide later about whether there will be time enough for decisions for Q10....
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