Book Critique is god a white racist-Jenai

Book Critique is god a white racist-Jenai - Jenai Davis...

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Jenai Davis March 5th, 2010 WOH 1012-001 MWF 11:15-12:05 Is God a White Racist? The book Is God a White Racist? written by William R. Jones is a very complex piece of literature that enthralls the reader, and forces him to alleviate himself of the societal programmed mindset of God and religion. When first reading the piece, it takes a strong separation of faith and knowledge in order to become interested and immerse oneself in the points Jones wants to substantiate. The title grabs the attention, and the positions Jones explains reinforce the title and support the claim and ideal of God’s possible favoritism toward whites over other races, especially blacks. There are points made that Jones attempts to make that can be contradicting to his main point of God being a white racist, but that is explained by the title being a question; and it also depends on how detached one is from faith and belief while reading it. Jones assesses many philosophers and situations in society that leads one to further question or conclude if God is indeed a white racist. In evaluation of the unfortunate circumstances of the black race, Jones says, “God’s malice for blacks seems the most probable explanation of black suffering” (Jones 1997, 79). This shocking statement makes the reader take a look at society and tie it into what God has or has not done in protection of the black race. Many, if not most blacks, will disagree with this statement at initial hearing. The black community proves to be much more religious than the white community due to the underdog state of the black community. For that reason, blacks hold on to God and their religion because most often they have nothing else. For blacks to have such strong faith in God it is very difficult for any black person to remove the religious background they 1
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have established from birth and consider the possibility that God hates blacks. Jones mentions that black people could never understand – or have never understood – to be the “chosen people.” This is plausible because in present day, it is not often that anyone of any race admits to targeted intentional suffering. Also, in religion, blacks have been taught and assume that the “chosen people” do not look like they do and because of that, it is hard to imagine the fact that they might be. That statement is a difficult one to stomach because of what blacks have been exposed to. Because of the bluntness and approach of the book, initially, blacks will be offended and appalled by the point Jones is trying to make; and most likely, throughout the piece will continue to ignore it because of how they have always been taught. It is believed that God has appointed suffering as a punishment that was deserved. If black suffering is indeed punishment, then what accounts for the injustice? It is unlawful for prisoners to serve time in jail without acknowledgement of the crime, so this point attempts to prove that the impoverished state of blacks is for an unidentifiable reason if not because of God’s
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Book Critique is god a white racist-Jenai - Jenai Davis...

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