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sbi-osagiej_FIN_3403_303_SP 2011

sbi-osagiej_FIN_3403_303_SP 2011 - Corporate Finance...

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Corporate Finance Corporate Finance FIN 3403 – 303 FIN 3403 – 303 Syllabus and Outline Spring 2011 Excellence with Caring By Johnsto Osagie, DBA Johnsto Osagie, DBA SCHOOL OF BUSINESS & INDUSTRY
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COURSE SYLLABUS COURSE SYLLABUS ________________________________________________________________________________________ CORPORATE FINANCE (FIN 3403 – 303) COURSE DESCRIPTION AND OUTLINE FOR SPRING 2011 Class Meetings: Days: Tuesday and Thursday Time: 2pm – 3:15pm. Room: SBI South Wing 004 Course Prerequisites: ACG 3111 Instructor: Johnsto E. Osagie, D.B.A. Office : SBI –WW 421 Office Phone : 412-7720 E-mail: johnston.osagie @famu.edu Alternate Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday: 8am -9:30am; 1pm-2pm & 3:30pm-6pm Others : Feel free to try me at other times or make an appointment if necessary. . Required Material: 1. Brealey, Myers and Marcus, Fundamentals of Corporate Finance , 6 th Edition , McGraw- Hill/Irwin, 2009. ISBN- 13 9780077263348 www.mhhe.com/bmm6e 2 . Lecture notes, practice problems, and sample exams distributed on the course webpage 3. Homework Manager Plus Online Access for Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, 6th Edition 3 . Other materials will be distributed in class, and also on http://famu.blackboard.com Calculator: A financial calculator is required for this course . BA II-Plus Professional will be used in class. Supplementary Readings: Wall Street Journal, Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial Management, Journal of Money, Journal of Financial Services Research, Journal of Financial Economics, and other general business periodicals. Introduction: Finance is an exciting, challenging and ever-changing discipline. It is the cornerstone of an enterprise. Good financial management is vitally important to the economic wealth of individuals, businesses, nations and the world. Finance is the acquisition, management and financing of resources. This course will emphasize the fundamental concepts of financial tools, analyses and the financial decision-making process. Course Description: This course uses a valuation framework to provide a basic understanding of the concepts, tools, and techniques of financial management. The broad topical areas covered include: (1) an introduction to managerial finance including its goals, environment, financial statements and analysis; time value of money, the valuation of bonds and stocks, and practical capital budgeting decisions; (2) market efficiency, payout policy, and capital structure, option valuation, and long and short-term financial planning. . Global issues related to each of the broad areas covered are also emphasized within each topical area or chapter . A problem-solving approach will be used to develop and reinforce analytical concepts. In addition, ethical issues will be raised and discussed when appropriate throughout the course.
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sbi-osagiej_FIN_3403_303_SP 2011 - Corporate Finance...

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