Horticulture2 - Weather versus Microlimate Leguminoseae...

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2/15/10 Weather versus Microlimate Leguminoseae Weather- state of atmosphere at given time or place Climate- meteorological conditions that prevail in a particular region Microclimate: the climate of a small, specific place within an area as contrasted with the climate of the entire area. Temperature- degree of hotness or coldness of a body or environment o Temperature up- growth up o Temperature down- growth down Cold Hardiness ZONEs: Higher the number , the warmer the temperature o In Athens we are 7B Frost- some things we can do to remediate the damage that might come form the frost o Lowest Temp= 30-32 f Freeze- cant do anything about it o Lowest Temp- well below 32 f Vernalization (chilling requirements)… stratification is cold requirement for SEED o Time a plant needs to be COLD for it to grow o Peach needs 750 chilling hrs but some places have less chilling time so u cant grow there Plant in fall will be best time to plant Growing degree days- most plants have a base temperature that it will start to grow. SO for every hr its that degree we can find out how many hrs it takes to grow o Wed Feb 17 Light Effects of intensity on plant growth Leaf morphology ( shape) Etiolation- in absence of light. ( cant go on for a while) o White esparougous has been growing in the absence of light o How many hrs does it take to grow a full sun plant- 6 -8 hrs of sun if it’s a full sun plant o Shade plant only needs 4 hrs of sunlight Seed Germination o Some seeds will only germinate in the light o Most seeds don’t need light Plants response: short day plant- when the days get shorter and the plants bloom, it is a short day plant o Long day plants bloom when the days start to get longer ( more sun) Rainfall Most plants need 1 inch of water per week
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Wind Carries oxygen away Effects on evaporation Temperature vocabulary Vernalization, cold hardiness , day length, frost, freeze, microclimate Quiz 1) temperatures go up—photosynthesis goes up 2)for a short day plant. .as they days get shorter….a) flowering begins 3)etoliation- plants grown in the absence of light 4) vernalization is the same as chilling requirement 5) stratification – cold requirement for germination Feb 19 Friday Hormones Plant hormones o Plant growth regulators o Definition= a naturally occurring substance that affects plant growth and development at low concentrations Auxin: cell elongation, apical dominance, flower initiation Cytokinin- chlorophyll production and photosynthesis Ethylene- control ripening of fruit Gibberelin- seed germination ( when its produced) Absciscis acid- cell elongation ( cell growth in the tips or edges of plants Unidirectional light- plants grow towards light AUXIN o Phototropism- positive phototropism to light Cell elongation is stimulated on the shaded side of a stem but inhibited o the lighted side o Gravitropism- the response to gravity Roots response is do to gravity
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Horticulture2 - Weather versus Microlimate Leguminoseae...

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