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sample test 2 - Horticulture 2000 Test 2: Fall 2009...

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Horticulture 2000 Test 2: Fall 2009 Version: A Name: _______________________ 810# ____________________ Each question is worth 1 Point . You Have 50 minutes to Answer 45 Questions. Select the BEST answer, first on the test sheet then transfer the answers to the scan form. This test has questions generated from a pool of questons. Don’t be thrown by similar questions. 1) Grafting pear trees requires a top and a bottom component, respectively called the … A. scion:rootstock B. cutting:rootstock C. bud:shoot D. leaf:stem 2) The requirement for a physical breakdown in the seed coat prior to germination is called… A. scarification B. vernalization C. stratification D. coldification 3) Soil CEC represents… A. the time it takes for soil to drain B. an indicator of soil fertility C. the acidity of the soil D. an indicator of wilting point 4) When using irrigation for frost control, when do you turn off the water? A. when the field is waterlogged B. when enough ice has formed to insulate the blossoms or flower buds C. when the ice has given off enough heat to make an inversion layer D. when the ice has melted off the flowers the following day 5) As the hardiness number of a zone goes from 9 to 3, the average winter temperature becomes… A. warmer B. dryer C. colder D. no difference 6) Tissue culture is the same as…. A. sexual reproduction B. pollination C. cloning D. grafting 7) Ethylene is directly related to which of the following plant responses? A. fruit ripening B. growth C. respiration D. sugar transport 8) Phototropism is a growth curvature in response to which of the following? A. light B. touch C. gravity D. water 9) The physiological response to tropisms displayed in plants is due to… (hint: tropic responses are often a result of accumulation of auxin) A. cell death B. apical dominance C. cell elongation
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sample test 2 - Horticulture 2000 Test 2: Fall 2009...

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