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4.1-4.2 notes - STAT3000 Chapter 4: Probability and...

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STAT3000 Chapter 4: Probability and Sampling Distributions Note : Probability allows us to make the inferential jump from sample to population. The purpose of this chapter is to see what the laws of probability tell us without going into the mathematics of probability theory. _______________________________________________ _ STAT3000 Section 4.1: Randomness Random behavior is unpredictable in the short run but has a regular and predictable pattern in the long run. Probability describes only what happens in the long run. Randomness and Probability We call a phenomenon random if individual outcomes are uncertain but there is nonetheless a regular distribution of outcomes in a large number of independent repetitions. The probability of any outcome of a random phenomenon is the proportion of times the outcome 45
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would occur in a very long series of independent repetitions. Law of Large Numbers – the relative frequency of the number of times that an outcome occurs when an experiment is replicated over and over again approaches the theoretical probability of
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4.1-4.2 notes - STAT3000 Chapter 4: Probability and...

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