Final Exam Study Guide (1)

Final Exam Study Guide (1) - POLI 201 Final Exam Study...

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POLI 201 Final Exam Study Guide This guide only covers the material since exam 2. You should also study the material on the first two study guides and exams. What explains which criminal laws are state and which are federal? What are most? How is the federal court system organized? What is the jurisdiction of the federal court system, as established in the Constitution? What is public law? What role does it play in the checks and balances system and in holding government accountable? What does it mean that the SCOTUS has a discretionary docket? How does it choose cases? How is the power of the Supreme Court fundamentally limited? What is Judicial Review? How was it established? What are congressional responses if a law is declared unlawful or unconstitutional in court? Know the examples I gave in class. How are federal judges selected? What are the different ways that state judges are selected? How are they selected in South Carolina? What is political socialization?
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Final Exam Study Guide (1) - POLI 201 Final Exam Study...

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