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petroleum.oil+spills+and+ESI - Major Oil Spills Major...

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Unformatted text preview: Major Oil Spills: Major Shoreline Pollution and Contingency Planning Oil Spill Environmental Oil Sensitivity Index Geomorphic criteria Geomorphic Biological resource data Biological Socioeconomic data Socioeconomic Equipment placement Equipment Biological Resource Data Biological Incorporated into ranking scheme Incorporated Areas indicated on maps Areas General Types of Animals General Color Codes Mammals Yellow Yellow Birds Green Green Reptiles Red Red Fishes Blue Blue Invertebrates Orange Orange Types of Animals Types General General b) Ecological Ecological c) Species Species a) Types of Mammals Types Whales, dolphins, and porpoises Seals, sealions, and walrus River and sea otter Terrestrial mammals Type of organism (e.g. yellow for mammals) Ecological type (e.g. harbor seal) 2 Season (e.g. Spring) Species (from master list) Types of Information Types Shown on Fish and Wildlife Markers Shown Answers Types of animal Types 2. Distribution of animals Distribution 3. Seasonal use Seasonal 1. What? What? Where? Where? When? When? Distributions of Organisms Distributions Point localities Point Runs or streams Runs Ranges or areas Ranges Beds Beds COSCO BUSAN OIL SPILL COSCO Incident – On November 7, 2007 at approximately 8:30 a.m. PST, Incident On the 810-foot container ship Cosco Busan collided with the base of Busan collided the tower of the San Francisco Bay Bridge’s western span (D span) while transiting outbound for sea. Using tank measurement methods aboard the ship, Using approximately 58,000 gallons (1055 barrels) of heavy bunker fuel spilled into the San Francisco Bay as a result of the ship’s damage spilled caused by this collision. The collision resulted in a tear on the container ship measuring The 100-feet long and 10-feet above the water line. 100 Due to a protective wood, plastic and concrete fender, the bridge Due suffered no structural damage ...
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