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1 The Western United States prior to the Civil War The role of the west has played a significant part in creating the United States as a continental nation, involving major events like, coming of the civil war, immigration and migration, and creating Americans. The westward expansion of the United States fueled tensions between the north and south. The north had a completely different economy than the south. It was based on free labor and was more technological advanced. In the north, farming was mostly mechanized and huge factories emerged. Furthermore, most railroad were situated in the northeast and expanding westwards. The south had always been a slave society mainly based on agriculture. The most profitable export product was cotton and remained that way. There were fewer industries and fewer railroads. North and south wanted to expand to the west for the same reason. However, the north succeeded in bringing the economy of the north east and west together through the expansion of the railroad system. Agricultural products that the west produced could now be transported by using the railroad system. Because of this advantage the western states increasingly preferred to sent their goods by train instead of down the Mississippi river, thereby harming the southern economy. Moreover, with increasing population in the west, raised the question whether new states should be admitted as slave or as free states. As more states were ready to join the Union so intensified the hostility between the north and south, which eventually led to the Civil War. Immigration and migration took a steep rise after elements such as, gold, silver, coal, and iron were found. Many investors started businesses related to cattle, mining and farming. With the discovery of gold in 1848. Many immigrants and migrants came to California to dig for fortune. Eventually the United States government encourage people to settle in the west by
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2 issuing the Homestead Act in 1862. Most of the land in the west was government property. However, the government wanted to develop the west to boost the national economy. Federal surveys divided the land into small affordable chunks of land, which a settler could obtain by simply paying a normal registration fee and a promise to develop it for five years. Railroad expansion to the west helped the economy to grow and thus attracted more immigrants and migrants. The migration and immigration of people into the west was a crucial role for the development of the country. It made the United States to become a powerful continental nation to be recognized with. The westward expansion of the United States was a violent undertaking, which encompassed the removal of Native Indians to designated reservoirs. However, the United States governments main goal was to transform Indians or in other words ‘’create American’s’’. An article written by Luther Standing Bear talked about how white teachers came to the reservation to take some Indian children for education in the east. The article explains the process of
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history_essay_sebastiaan - 1 The Western United States...

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