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Ahmed 1 Sahabia Ahmed Dr. Callaway Political Science 261 12 November 2010 Interest Groups "Approaching democracy" has been a significant theme in United States and other countries in the world today. One of the factors that influence democracy is interest groups. According to the class notes interest groups, a central element of democracy, refers to the formal organization of people who share a common outlook or social circumstances and who band together in the hope of influencing government policy. The freedom of speech, press, right to assembly and right to petition enumerated in the first amendment reinforces and protects the rights of people to form interest groups. There are different forms of Interest group; however, political scientist categorized the forms of interest groups in two main types, namely actual and potential groups. The major differences between the two main types is that actual group have already been formed and have headquarters. Whereas, potential groups have not yet formed, yet the group could form under the right circumstances. According to the class notes, recent statistics on the growth of interest groups portray that as years increase the number of interest groups grow dramatically. For example in 1959, there were 5,843 interest groups, in 1980 the number increased to 14,726. Whereas, in mid 1990 the number of interest groups even amplified to 22200. Hence, there is a direct relation between the number of interest group and the time in terms of years. There are some factors that relate to the growth of interest group such as, increased level of income and education increase the level of political activity, and growth in government power to affect society result in more interest groups evolving to influence and pressure the government. There are different forms and examples of interest groups such as
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pol sci essay 4 - A hmed 1 Sahabia Ahmed Dr. Callaway...

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