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Kaytlyn Hargrave Dr. Peirce HIS 164H May 7, 2011 Coming of Age in Mississippi The Civil War saw the end of slavery, but the beginning of segregation and Jim Crowe laws meant to keep the white and black populations of the South separated. While growing up in Mississippi, Anne Moody’s childhood is shaped by racism and poverty. The inequality she encounters due to segregation leads her to join the Civil Rights movement. The traditional views of the generation before her, as embodied by her mother and the older people in the areas where she tries to ignite change, and the dangers of being a black female fighting for social change in an environment controlled by white men make Anne Moody’s experience unique. Abandoned by her father at a young age, Anne Moody witnesses her mother working “from breakfast to supper…[making] five dollars a week” to support herself and her children in Centreville, Mississippi (Moody 36). Even as a child, Anne understood that this was not right and began to examine the white people in her life, trying to find their secret. This time in her life is the beginning of her path towards civil rights activism. For the first time, Anne is noticing the inequality around her and begins to search for a reason. She cannot find a reason for the intense poverty that she lives in. Anne recalls an incident at school when she “pulled [her] peanut butter biscuits out of [her] lunch bag and [the children] laughed at [her] all day” (43). Her embarrassment was so intense that she ceased to bring the biscuits to school and was hungry all day rather than face the laughter
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of her classmates. She grew tired of the scarcity of food and at the age of nine got a job
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anne.moody - Kaytlyn Hargrave Dr. Peirce HIS 164H May 7,...

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