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Kaytlyn's Contribution - Falsifiability The first...

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Falsifiability The first requirement of FiLCHeRS is falsifiability. According to Schick, this means that there must be some test that can be performed to prove the legitimacy of a hypothesis (174, 2011). The two extraordinary hypotheses presented in the Bermuda Triangle case are alien abductions and Atlantis. These hypotheses are unfalsifiable because they rely on a supernatural cause and therefore cannot be tested. The alien abduction theory is based on anecdotal evidence of UFO sightings. Those that accept this hypothesis believe that there is a portal in the Bermuda Triangle that aliens use to reach Earth and/or is connected to another dimension. There is no way to test this supernatural claim and therefore it is unfalsifiable and fails to meet this requirement of FiLCHeRS. The hypothesis of Atlantis is an undeclared claim because it is very broad and provides no reason as to how or why Atlantis causes these disappearances. Therefore it too fails the falsifiability requirement of FiLCHeRS. Evaluating the Experts
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Kaytlyn's Contribution - Falsifiability The first...

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