Assignment 3 - A re all ideas that comes fi rst master...

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Are all ideas that comes first master ideas? Or do all ideas that come first contain an error? Do ideas come first and if they do, then where do they come from? Does information come first? Does information lead to an idea or an idea lead to information? Or, even, are all ideas comprehensible to all the people? Margaret Mead and Theodore Roszak try to answer these questions using their articles- “the egalitarian error”; and “Ideas Come first”, and “Master Ideas” respectively. Roszak uses both of his articles to explain about ideas: where ideas come from, relation of ideas to facts, and how ones’ mind is able to interpret an idea; similarly, Mead uses her article as a channel in re-defining and providing better illustrations of the phrase “all men are created equal”. According to Roszak, most of the educators’ are trying to make their students’ computer literate, making them rely on information and facts and in doing so, the educators’ are weakening their students’ thinking capacity. Information can help in illustrating an idea but not create an idea. The educators’ should move their students’ to the far end of the information spectrum, to a point where facts get weaker and weaker, and finally die. This point is what we call “Master Ideas”. Master ideas can either be good or bad. For instance, “All men are created equal” is a master idea. Those who created the idea possessed no information about the world than that of their ancestors and those who defended this idea did not do so based on of any the data. Why where others’ against this
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Assignment 3 - A re all ideas that comes fi rst master...

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