Assignment 4 (Summary & Response)

Assignment 4 (Summary & Response) - S umma ry Of L...

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Summary “Of Life and Lifeboats” is an article written by Norman Cousins. Norman explains why the angry protestors were marching towards the capital of New Delhi. These protestors included most of the young adults and were identified by their boards as teachers or students. He mentions several reasons that led to march: the Western Nations refused to provide any amount aid to starving people because the Western Nations feel that no amount of aid can prevent mass famine, the Western Nations also said that the people in New Delhi are not worth helping; the notion, “if the survivors take more than a certain number on board, everyone will go down”, said by Garrett Hardin, also played a major role in causing such a chaos. The people were protesting on the “lifeboat” analogy that what rights the rich people have to decide whether others should live or die. Instead of reducing the amount of aid, the Western Nations should send agricultural items such as tractors, harvesting machines, tools, engines, dynamos, fertilizers and many more so that the people can yield
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Assignment 4 (Summary & Response) - S umma ry Of L...

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