Assignment 5 (Summary & Response)

Assignment 5 - We create it use it and harm ourselves Summary A short tale A fable for tomorrow written by Rachel Carson questions the countless

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We create it, use it, and harm ourselves Summary A short tale, “A fable for tomorrow”, written by Rachel Carson, questions the countless towns in America about the silence, the silence that took the life from the natural environment. A small town that once was: in the midst of prosperous farms, had hillsides of orchards where white clouds of bloom floated above the green fields; during the winter, the roadsides where the places of beauty, were countless birds came to feed on berries; and the countryside was famous for the abundance and variety of birds that many people came, from great distances, to observe them, while others’ came to fish the stream, is now lifeless. But, suddenly, everything changed: the farmers spoke about the illness among their family members; the doctors were confused about the unknown diseases among their patients, they could not explain about the sudden deaths among the adults and the children; the birds that were once countless are now few; and the roadsides, once so attractive, were now deserted. Everyone in the town was in a dilemma.
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