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The Global Microwave Draft 1 - The Global Microwave Over...

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The Global Microwave Over the past decade we have been continuously turning on the heat on the environment, each time through turning the “microwave dial”. The heat keeps on increasing steadily, in turn increasing the temperature, and thus harming the living and environment as a whole. Unfortunately, in our case, looking at our present situation we do not have any power button to switch the “microwave” off. Now days, all developed countries as well as the developing countries deem climatic changes as an important issue. Experts believe that the urban, agricultural, and industrial sectors have greatly influenced environmental pollution which leads to global warming. Moving from pollution to climate change and further to warming, the process depicted is continuous and interdependent to each other. Thus, global warming is a result of pollution and cannot be measured on a single scale. Global warming has resulted into a massive impact on many developed and developing countries. For instance, for the last few years in china, the country has been suffering from serious industrial incidents that have contaminated the rivers and the lakes such as, the Songhua River accident in Jilin or the Beijing River accident in Guangdong. Moreover, pollutant discharges from industries have led to acid rains that resulted in affecting approximately one-third of its land. Simultaneously, emissions from fossil fuel combustion and biomass burning have significantly reduced the quality of air. Such harmful discharges have increased the concentration level of sulphur-dioxide in the atmosphere. In addition, emissions from coal-fired stations also play a major role in the release of sulphur-dioxide. Industries not
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The Global Microwave Draft 1 - The Global Microwave Over...

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