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What comes first Draft 2

What comes first Draft 2 - U nderstanding the origin of...

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Understanding the origin of Global warming and Climate Change What comes first? What leads to what? On what issue should we focus: Global Warming, Global Pollution, or Climate Changes? Some researchers focus on explaining, elaborating and illustrating with examples on a specific issue, say global warming; some focus on global pollution and some on climate changes. My research paper is based on the particular issue-Global Pollution, its cause and effects, and what factor leads to global pollution. However, I will also argue, with examples, that issues such as global warming and climate change are a result of Global pollution and that global pollution is the real culprit. When a mother provides nourishment and care to her child, she never thinks about how the child would treat her in the future, but the child ought to be responsible for showing the same affection, gratitude and care to her. Similarly, our mother earth that provides nourishment to living creatures by keeping the ozone layer in balance is now being hurt. Instead of repaying her with the same gratitude, we are taking advantage of her: creating new and advanced technologies, testing new chemicals and weaponry such as nuclear weapons. Our mother suffers and pays a heavy price. What we don’t see is that by damaging her ‘womb’ we are indirectly hurting ourselves. The onset of the industrial era marked a great turning point in mankind as it influenced almost every aspect of daily human life. It brought major changes to manufacturing industries and improvements in the transportation and mining sector. But the industrial revolution brought along a significant
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change in the environment-Global Pollution: addition of harmful pollutants to the atmosphere, water and land. Global Warming and Climate Change are hotly debated topics around the world. But, what is the use of debating these topics, summoning the representatives of powerful nations to a lavish chamber, where with one hand holding a hot cup of tea, the other is holding a pen to sign pieces of paper stating what they are going to do the future. The nations know the main cause of Global Warming and Climate change, but every time they waste precious time in implementing new policies and having debates on the results and do not tackle the main issue-Global Pollution.
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What comes first Draft 2 - U nderstanding the origin of...

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