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Research Report - A r thur Begtine McIntyre English 1102...

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Arthur Begtine McIntyre English 1102 8 th of March, 2011 Research Report The twenty first century is the age of technology. Everyone is connected around the world and can communicate within seconds. People share their daily lives and stay in touch with distant relatives via social networks. This research projects explores the impact on privacy that these social networks have on the people that use them. I am interested in this topic because I used to be on social networks and most of my friends and family are currently on them. Authors Rich Mogull and Mike Rothman of Macworld argue that it is essential to protect your private information and being knowledgeable about the sites you visit when surfing the internet. For example they state ‘‘The CEO of a major technology company once famously opined that, in the Internet Age, "You have zero privacy. Get over it." Some of us would rather not. We'd like to keep our personal information -- whether it be what we share with friends on Facebook or our credit card and Social Security numbers -- under some control. We'd prefer not to let such details out into the wild, where they can be bought and sold and, often, used against us.’’( PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY .Mogull, Rich, Rothman, Mike, Macworld , Apr2011, Vol. 29 Issue 4, p48-55, 8p). This clearly shows their stance on the issue as they believe that is necessary to know exactly what personal information you are putting out into the internet for everyone to see. Things like your credit card information or social
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security number can be taken from you and used by others if you are not carefull. An article from Scholastic Scope, in similar fashion argues that Facebook can be an invasion of privacy for children, especially when there parent’s get involved. One child they interviewed stated that ‘’Knowing my dad can see everything just makes it less fun.’’ ( Should Your Mom Be Your Facebook Friend? , Scholastic Scope , 3/7/2011, Vol. 59, Issue 11, p14-15, 2p). Kids want to use social networks as their own place to have fun and interact but many parents are worried about what they might be doing on social networks like Facebook and MySpace
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Research Report - A r thur Begtine McIntyre English 1102...

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