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Rachel Riddle IB 210 2:30-3:45 The Wall Street Journal Write-Up According to the Wall Street Journal article, “Credit Scare Spreads in U.S., Abroad”, the crisis occurring in the United States is spreading abroad. This just continues to prove how interconnected our world is becoming through globalization. This interconnectedness is wonderful when times are good, because then everyone wins. However, when times are bad in the United States the rest of the European, Asian, and South American countries are also negatively affected. Right now as the United States economy wavers, international investments increase but as those increase the international economies are just as affected because of globalization. The article cites that the normal trend is that when the United States is going through good or bad economic activity the rest of the world follows. This particular trend is causing much fear because since the last recession sometime around 2001, the global interconnectedness has grown at least 3 fold. Most
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