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Sociology final exam essay - Arthur Begtine Soc 2105...

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Arthur Begtine Soc 2105 October 25th, 2010 Final Exam Essay Sociology is the study of society and how society shapes and forms the human being in his life and interactions with others. Sociology is studied by sociologists; a few examples of well-known sociologists are Emile Durkheim, Karl Marx, Max Weber, and August Comte. The basic assumptions of sociology are that human beings are social, and that they would be a different species without society. Society is necessary for the development and advancement of mankind. Also the parents main role in a family is to ‘’socialize” the new born so that they can fit in the society they are born in to. I agree with them simply because the proof is there; any human being that has been found that didn’t grow up within are society had no notion of how to talk our language, our religion, our way to act or anything. Also to add to my point; I believe that when you look at animals or at least mammals they almost always have some sort of class structure. Elephants, lions, and wolves for example usually
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Sociology final exam essay - Arthur Begtine Soc 2105...

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