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Concordia University Introduction to Acting Fall 2009 TPER 201/a Rebecca Harper Office Hours [email protected] by appointment 514 848 2424 Course Objectives This course is designed to introduce students to the basic principles of acting, concentrating primarily on the body, breath and voice. The practical workshops will allow students the opportunity to develop an awareness of the body as an instrument of expression through the creative exploration of acting exercises. In this process, enlivening and developing the imagination and a creative sense of play is key component to the work. Ultimately, the student will have the opportunity to integrate the skills and tools introduced in the lecture and workshops into their own creative process and apply these skills to text and present them in a final outcome. Learning Outcome By the end of the course students will have an awareness of how to do the following: work in an ensemble a sense of space working without tension improvisation connect to breath, body, sound and image analyze text and apply discoveries to character perform in an outcome before a select audience These objectives are the points of concentration that allow the student to develop an awareness of the instincts and skills that pertain to an actor’s process.
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Course Structure TPER 201 is divided into two interrelated activities, the workshop and the interactive lecture. Each Friday the student participates in a two and a half hour workshop and a
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TPER.201A.2009.Harper - Concordia University Introduction...

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