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Yasser Naal PHIL 4415 December 7, 2010 Make-up blogs September Blogs My Original Subject: Unfair job opportunities I believe we give unfair job opportunities in this country of ours. We tend to put too much emphasis on people’s ethnicity and if they are trustworthy enough to work with. Many American people are republicans and they tend to be closed minded individuals. Most southern republicans have a strong patriotic sense and believe that “the only way is the American way”. So do you think that a southern business owner would want to hire a foreigner? Especially one with a unique name or a heavy accent, it is highly unlikely. I know because I have experienced this. When I fill out job applications online, I am always hectic about it. My name being Yasser Ahmed Naal, I already assume that the individual looking at my application is already feeling hectic to hire me. I almost feel as if I have a disadvantage because he or she does not know I have been in United States for many years and have adjusted to the American lifestyle. I always prefer meeting a potential manager in person and showing him or her that I am not so different and that I can work with people from all types of ethnic backgrounds. I feel unequal job opportunities due to race and even gender is slowly being fixed by there are still many Americans who do not trust people from other countries based on a few small group of individuals which have wrecked a specific countries’ image. This I believe, is a huge topic which rarely gets recognition. Subject: The role of clothes in society Author: Lauren Stiles One of the topics I have been pondering after doing our readings in class is the subject of clothing. Clearly many feminists point to clothing as a gender marker, and taboos expressed about clothes permeate society at every level. Boys can't wear skirts. Girls can't wear ties. Tourists must wear kakhis and Mickey Mouse hats. Lunchladies must wear hairnets. This list goes on ad nauseum. So, my thought was, with all the pressure that humans are under to dress for the occasion, to dress to the nines, to wear a smile, to suit up, and etc., it is obvious why there are laws against "public indecency". Of course, examining the language from the perspective of my Politics and Linguistics class this semester helps me to see the spin put on the situation of people who choose nudity as a lifestyle. It's indecent! Decent people dress to their gender and class and job so we can visually asses our relationship with them and treat them accordingly. But is this right, is it fair? I don't hear much about them, but I'm sure the nudist colonials can argue all day about how much money people waste on clothes when really they are only serving to hide an underlying issue. Who are we? Who am I? If I am young female American college student, I should be dressed in tight-fitting clothes, the better to attract a mate.
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But what if I am so focused on my studies that I forgo my right to marry at this time? Should I eschew my public markers for rags to show that I am not available? You can see
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blogs - Yasser Naal PHIL 4415 December 7, 2010 Make-up...

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