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Yasser Naal Case Study #2 Communicating in Foreign Countries If I were to ever go overseas to make a public speech, I would make sure the first thing I accomplish is getting familiar with the lifestyles of my audience. I would visit normal people’s houses and try to differentiate their lives from life back at home. It is also very important to speak with them in their native tongue. Most locals do not feel comfortable interacting to people with strange dialects. For instance, If I were to visit the country of Turkey, I would refer to their country as Turkeiya and not plain Turkey. Turkeiya is the original name of their country. I would also try to get involved in their interests or hobbies. It is very important to know what people from different ethnicities
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Unformatted text preview: enjoy doing. A crowd always feels more comfortable if they feel a personal relationship with the speaker. That comfort is usually provided with a little laughter or encouragement. Comedy in a foreign country is much different than the comedy we are used to as Americans. American comedians joke about the hot topics in today’s world; topics we can all relate to; topics we usually see on the news or read in the newspaper. In order to become an entertaining speaker in a foreign country you must relate to that country’s issues/topics. The main goal is to feel like you are connecting with your audience, not only in a business point of view, but in an energetic and friendly matter....
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