final exam22 - Yasser Naal December 19, 2010 PHIL 4415...

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Yasser Naal December 19, 2010 PHIL 4415 Final Exam The Prison Industrial Complex Prison is obviously a place we all do not want to be in. It has been demonstrated to us by society as a place where terrible people belong; people who do not abide by society’s rules of social norm. Prison is also described as a place for the confinement of persons in lawful detention, especially persons convicted of crimes. It is also known that once an individual becomes a prisoner, he or she loses all of their rights as an American citizen. Prisoners are thrown away in this cell because they are believed to be a danger to society. What most people do not realize is that majority of prisoners are non-violent offenders. Therefore, they are not a physical or violent danger to anyone in society. So what are these “crimes” in which send you to prison and what determines how long you stay there? Are having many strict laws which put people in prison a positive outcome to our society? Many of us living freely in this world do not pay much attention to prisoners or what they really do behind bars. We tend to even forget about our own friends and relatives which might be locked up behind bars. It is almost like our government wants us to completely forget about prisoners; like they are not even people but just a waste of a being. The term Prison Industrial Complex is used to define the rapid expansion of our inmate population to private prison companies. Companies such as: Construction agencies, surveillance technology vendors, and lobby groups. Prisoners are used by these
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companies to perform heavy duty labor for absolutely no compensation. A generic
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final exam22 - Yasser Naal December 19, 2010 PHIL 4415...

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