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Communication - Dial 1(DONE BY AUTUMN DIAL What is...

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(DONE BY AUTUMN DIAL) What is interpersonal communication? Interpersonal communication is defined by communication scholars in numerous ways. It usually describes participants who are dependent upon one another and have a shared history. Communication channels the conceptualization of mediums that carry messages from sender to receiver, and takes two distinct forms: direct and indirect. Indirect communication encourages each individual to make guesses about the other. “With direct communication, open patterns of communication, people cannot get to know each other successfully; what they do not know, they will make guesses about it. The four steps to direct communication are the following: identify what you want, make no assumptions, ask for what you need, and finally eliminate emotional energy.”(Gaddis,1). We can we illustrate interpersonal communications to the movie Crash ? The movie Crash exemplifies interpersonal communications through the stereotypes of the characters as well as the situations they are placed in. The movie Crash , directed by Paul Haggis, was inspired after the movie premier of The Silence of the Lambs . Director Paul Haggins and his wife headed to their new Porsche after the premier was over when they were approached by two young African American men. The men held guns to the Haggins head and told him to hand over the keys. Haggins, frightened for his life, handed over his keys without hesitation. His wife, Dianne, and he began to walk brisk fully in the opposite direction. Soon after, Haggins called the police and reported the incident. The police drove them back to their home; however, they soon realized that the car jackers had their address and the keys to their home. The Haggins immediately called the locksmith to change all of the locks in their Dial 1
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home. Haggins quotes “ten years later, I woke up at two in the morning wondering about
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