theatre paper - Naal 1 Ghaith Naal Professor Kara Cantrell...

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Naal 1 Ghaith Naal Professor Kara Cantrell TPS 1107 4 December 2010 On the first day of class I walked in not having much experience in the elements of theatre. All I really knew about theatre was that it consisted of a script which was performed in acts by actors. The third week going into the semester I suddenly became very fond of the unique teachings in theatre. I was not as interested in learning about the history behind the theatre as I was in the criticism discussed. There are always faults in productions and what I enjoyed learning was the possible outcomes and changes that can be made by the actors or producers. I was surprised to realize how much effort it takes to really perform a successful performance. The time put in to work on all different categories of theatre can be exhausting whether it’s producing the piece of work, designing the set and costumes, or memorizing scripts and turning them into experiences. During the first month of class I did not really see a big challenge when it came to learning the elements and Ancient teachings of theatre. From then on the class went into depth about acting and what it really takes to perform a great set. There were many different ideas discussed that I never thought about when it came to acting. My greatest challenge was meeting the standards to act well physically, mentally, and emotionally. Positioning yourself on stage or in theatre terms, blocking, was difficult because you as
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theatre paper - Naal 1 Ghaith Naal Professor Kara Cantrell...

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