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Nydia Elise Hernandez Dr. Piecuch History 4411 27 Nov 2010 The Influence of the Sons of Liberty in the American Revolution The revolutionary war was the war that declared Americas Independence. Out of this war many heroes and freedom fighting organizations came into existence. One well known organization that was adamant for America’s rights and liberties is the Sons of Liberty. This group was compiled of many famous and well know patriots. The American people became unsatisfied with the way their mother country was treating them so they banded together and carried out certain rebellious acts to get noticed. With some guidance and special tactics the Sons of Liberty were able to get the attention of the British. Although the British did not act quickly they did notice the situation overseas. The situation was turning intense. Some of the acts committed by the Sons of Liberty turned out to be important everlasting events in history. While they became historically important in our time they were seen as relevant actions that were necessary for their liberties. Unbeknownst to them these rebellious acts resulted in the American Revolution and Americas eventual freedom from Britain. The Sons of Liberty’s actual organization date is quite a mystery yet we do know that it was around the early 1760s when the first signs of the Sons of Liberty started to emerge. The name was unknowingly created by a member of parliament who opposed the Stamp Act. He stated that “those sons of liberty will fight the new tax law.” 1 He was so right, in fact these men initially joined together in opposition to the Stamp Act. This was an act where the British were trying to accumulate money for their debts acquired during the seven years war. While the 1 Denis Fradin, “Samuel Adams: The Father of American Independence” New York: Clarion Books, (1998). 30.
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Hernandez 2 British believed this taxation to be justified many Americans saw this taxation as blow to their rights. In response to this many political, influential, and just fed up men banded together to find a solution. These men had no intention of separating from the crown, in fact they still revered the king, they only wished to gain some sort of representation and fairness when it came to the British government. Their political liberties were the most important thing so much so, that they had a sort of mascot. This mascot was a tree in Boston that they dubbed the Liberty tree. It was here under the tree where the men discussed the political issues. They believed the, “Stamp Act to be an encroachment by the House of Commons upon George III’s Crown and Dignity .” 2 The hatred for the Stamp Act was so wide that the Sons of Liberty organization spread to every colony taking control of the government. In Boston these men were known as the “Loyall Nine” 3 With all of the efforts of the Sons of Liberty the Stamp Act was repealed in 1766. Even with this their job was not finished. The British government placed more taxes on the colonies in hopes
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Sons of liberty - Nydia Elise Hernandez Dr. Piecuch History...

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