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FINAL take home

FINAL take home - Nydia E Hernandez Dr Piecuch History 4410...

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Nydia E. Hernandez Dr. Piecuch History 4410 2 Dec 2010 Final Exam Part 1: Identifications 1. Treaty of Paris (1783): this was a treaty between Great Britain and America. The Treaty established U.S. boundaries, restored the rights and property of Loyalists, opened up the Mississippi River to citizens of both nations and provided for evacuation of all British forces. It is important because it ended the American Revolution and was the formal recognition of the U.S. 2. 3/5 Compromise: This was a compromise made in 1787 at the Philadelphia convention. The North and South were disagreeing on whether or not slaves should be counted in the population. This was important because if the slaves were counted this would give the South more members in the Government, and the North did not want this to happen. After some deliberation the North and South agreed on the 3/5ths compromise which stated that all persons in bondage, not including Indians, will be considered 3/5ths of a free person. This compromise was important for three reasons: It gave constitutional acceptance of slavery, this compromise allowed the constitution to be passed, and until the civil war it allowed the South to have more power in the government. 3. Northwest Ordinance: This ordinance was written in 1787 as a response to people’s fears of moving out west. People did not want to move out to the west because they were unsure of what the political system would be. It clarified how states would be added into the Confederation, while also listing a bill of rights guaranteed in the territory. Land was divided into territories and certain qualifications put on the areas. Territories would be appointed with a congressionally appointed governor, secretary, and three judges to rule and when each territory reaches 60,000 people they are able to apply for statehood. Slavery was also banned in these areas. This Ordinance was important because it outlined the way the states were going to be added into the confederation. 4. Battle of Trenton: This is in 1776 when Washington crossed the Delaware River Christmas night in hopes of surprising the Hessian army. Not expecting an attack Washington ended up defeating and pushing the Hessian soldiers out of New Jersey. This was a turning point during the war. This battle helped boost American soldier’s morale giving them hope and reason to enlist for another year. This also helped boost the American people’s morale leading to a more supporting community. Essay:
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The American Revolution was a complex war that was dependent on specific strategies on each side. In Three Peoples One King the roles of the Loyalists, slaves, and Indians are placed in context of their value to the British. Each of these groups had the possibility to be very useful in Britain’s attempts to take back control of the colonies. Both the British and the Americans knew this fact. In the beginning the British ministry was apprehensive about using these groups against the colonies. Their thought process was that this was a
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FINAL take home - Nydia E Hernandez Dr Piecuch History 4410...

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