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African test 2 - Nydia Elise Hernandez Dr. Ronnenburg...

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Nydia Elise Hernandez Dr. Ronnenburg History 3392 9 Nov 2010 Take Home Exam 2 1). Concessionary Company : This is a practice exercised in the early colonial period. This is where private European companies were given large pieces of land in Africa to exploit and get money and resources in the name of their country. In doing this the actual mother country did not have to spend its own money and could in turn colonize cheaply. These businesses abused landscape and the people. In the end these companies hurt the invaded country rather than actually benefitting it. British created multiple companies for example: in Nigeria the Royal Niger Company, Rhodesias the British South Africa Company, and in East Africa the Imperial British East Africa Company. King Leopold : He was the King of Belgium who took over the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the late 1800s. While taking over the DRC, he took over in his own name for his personal benefit and not for his country. He deemed all land not cultivated by its inhabitants as “vacant land” which all belonged to him where he could do with it as he pleased. With this land he created a free enterprise state and buffer zone where other countries like France, Germany and England could all trade. He became a ruthless tyrant giving away all this land to companies in return for a profit. Connection : King Leopold opened up his own concessionary company and a number of shell businesses within the DRC. The main exploited product out of this area was rubber. King Leopold and his concessionary companies would force villages to farm the rubber from the trees. He would place quotas on how much rubber each should have by a certain period of time. In doing this many villages lost their agricultural gain and began to suffer. Not only was food production down but if the Villagers did not meet the rubber quota King Leopold would have forms of punishment and even death ready. The most recognized horror was in order to make sure the executions were followed through King Leopold requested the severed hand of the victim. 2). Dedan Kimathi : He is considered the Guerilla war leader of the Mau Mau. Kimathi organized a resistance movement in the Abadere Forest and created an army called the Land of Freedom Army. He was a very successful leader due to secrecy and help from local villages. After major crack downs by the British in Kikuyu villages Dean Kimathi was captured and executed.
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Mau Mau: This was the name the British gave The Movement which was a group of disaffected Kikuyu sons that were fed up with not being able to become recognized men in the Kikuyu community. These men became frustrated and started terrorizing villages and threatening people. An important part of the Mau Mau was the secret Oath. This was similar to the coming of Age of
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African test 2 - Nydia Elise Hernandez Dr. Ronnenburg...

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