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study abroad in Spain

study abroad in Spain - Hernandez 1 Nydia E Hernandez Mrs...

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Hernandez 1 Nydia E. Hernandez Mrs. Morrissey English 1101 1 Oct. 2007 Study Abroad in Salamanca, Spain Salamanca Spain is one of the best places to study abroad. It has had a study abroad program since 1987 and has many great opportunities for any student. It is home to one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Spain, the University of Salamanca. Not only is Salamanca a great place to learn at, it is also a great place to experience the history of Spain. The city holds so much history of the Spanish culture along with an amazing amount of renaissance architecture. As an added bonus Salamanca is located not too far from Madrid, the capital of Spain, which is a city of full of culture and political importance. The city of Salamanca has so much to offer the students; it has a great university, it is full of history, and is in a great location. The University of Salamanca is considered one of the best universities in Europe. King Alfonso IX of Leon founded the university in 1218 (Strivers, 62-63). It is the third-oldest in Europe and is internationally recognized as one of the Western world's most prestigious institutions. It quickly became a well known University and attracted many students, even from Paris and Bologna. The University is also known to have had Christopher Columbus give lectures on his discoveries, as well as had the famous conquistador Hernan Cortes as a student (Salamanca). One thing that the university is well known for is its use of the Spanish language. It is said that the inhabitants of Salamanca speak the purest form of Spanish in Spain. It is considered the purest form due to the type of Spanish; they speak the Castilian Spanish which is
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Hernandez 2 one of the oldest forms of Spanish. For this the University of Salamanca receives many people from all over the world in hopes of learning pure Spanish. This reputation has followed the university all the way from its beginnings and is still a major factor in its popularity. Other than
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