Attitudes and Attitude change notes

Attitudes and Attitude change notes - do they come from? 1....

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02/24/11 Attitudes and Attitude Change PPT The Nature and Origin of Attitudes Advertising can account for that small increase in females smoking. Women’s liberation made the cigarette a symbol of power and freedom As humans, we evaluate what we encounter. If we see a woman smoking a cigarette in an ad that is thin and beautiful we think, we can also be thin and beautiful if we smoke too. Attitudes: evaluation of people, objects and ideas. Made up of 3 parts: o 1. An affective component: emotional reactions toward the attitude object. o 2. A cognitive component: thoughts and beliefs about the attitude object o 3. A behavioral component: Where Do Attitudes Come From? 1. Genes: Identical twin studies 2. Social Experiences: Cognitively based attitude Affectively based attitude If affectively based attitude do not come from examining the facts, where
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Unformatted text preview: do they come from? 1. People’s values and moral beliefs 2. Sensory reaction such as liking the taste of chocolate 3. Aesthetic reaction such as admiring the color of pain 4. As • Classical conditioning: • Operant conditioning: Behaviorally Based Attitude Explicit vs. Implicit Attitudes • Explicit: attitudes we KNOW o I know I love my parents o I know I want to graduate Implicit: attitudes that are involuntary and uncontrollable Explicit vs. Implicit: Sam wants equality for all. He knows this so he signs a petition for affirmative action. He also grew up in a culture with many negative stereotypes and implicitly his behaviors may change when he is around people of color, without him even knowing or realizing....
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Attitudes and Attitude change notes - do they come from? 1....

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