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final exam review - Social Psychology Final Exam Review...

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Social Psychology Final Exam Review Guide Be able to identify and discuss the following in detail. Chapter 8-CONFORMITY 1) Normative social influence—pg.222 a. The influence of other people leads us to conform in order to be liked and accepted by them b. This type of conformity results in public compliance with the group’s beliefs and behaviors but not necessarily private acceptance of those beliefs and behaviors. c. Results in public compliance d. We sometimes conform to be liked and accepted by others. e. The line experiment by Asch people conformed even though the answer was clear and not ambiguous, so they didn’t look like a fool or outcast—76% of people conformed on at least one trial. f. Normative Social Influence usually results in public compliance without g. Normative Social influence most closely reflects the negative stereotype of conformity. At times, conforming for normative reasons can be spineless and weak; it can have negative consequences h. Explains women’s attempts to create the ideal body through dieting and eating disorders i. When an authority figure is present and is so insistent that we obey, it is difficult to say no, but when the authorities’ definition of the situation is unclear, people tend to break out of their conforming role. 2) Informative social influence—pg. 215 a. The influence of other people leads us to conform because we see them as a source of information to guide our behavior. We conform because we believe that others’ interpretation of an ambiguous situation is more accurate than ours and will help us choose an appropriate course of action. b. The autokinetic effect- experiment when the light moved 2-4 inches.(Sherif) i. In group conformity this led to private acceptance.
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ii. After group conformity, the participants were asked alone again and still gave the answer confirmed by the group. c. The mechanism by which women learn what kind of body is considered attractive at a given time in their culture 3) Private acceptance—pg215 & 216 a. When people conform to the behavior of others because they genuinely believe that these other people are right i. The more important the decision is to us, the more we will rely on other people for information and guidance ii. Ambiguity is the most crucial variable for determining how much people use each other as a source of information. When you are unsure of the correct response, the appropriate behavior, or the right idea, you will be most open to influence form others. iii. Crisis, another variable that promotes the use of others as a source of information, often occurs simultaneously with ambiguity. iv. Typically the more expertise or knowledge a person has, the more valuable he or she will be as a guide in an ambiguous situation. 1.
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final exam review - Social Psychology Final Exam Review...

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