Biology Final Review

Biology Final Review - B iology Final Review: Chapter 10:...

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Biology Final Review: Chapter 10: Patterns of Inheritance Locus: Genes: Alleles: Dominant Recessive Homozygous: Heterozygous: Self Fertilization: True Breeding: Cross Fertilization: Mendel- Father of modern genetics. Discovered patterns before we knew about DNA, Chromosomes and Meiosis. Mendel picked the right organism (a pea because it is self fertilizing). He did one characteristic at a time which was smart. He also correctly analyzed the data and put everything together. AND he was lucky! Mendel’s Experiment: white was not destroyed it was hidden. It was hidden due to the Law of Segregation: pairs of genes on homologous chromosomes separate from each other
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during gamete formation so that each gamete receives only one allele of an organisms pair of genes Each trait is determined by pairs by discrete physical units- called genes Every gene has 2 forms-called alleles Law of Segregation tells us how we pass on a trait from one generation to the next (ex color of an eye) Punnett Square: a way to predict the genotypes and phenotypes of offspring Test cross: done by crossing the dominant with a homozygous recessive organism. Used to determine whether a single trait showing dominance is hetero or homo. If homo dominant then all the offspring will express
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Biology Final Review - B iology Final Review: Chapter 10:...

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