congaree outline

congaree outline - Loblolly pines Swampland trees are...

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Kate Thomson Bio 101 Lab Thursday 11:00 am Congaree National Park Location Hopkins, SC  15,010 acres What is it Largest preservation of old growth bottomland hardwood  trees 90 tree species Fast growing trees and unbelievable sizes History  Named after Congaree indians Change in elevation and flooding makes settlement difficult  Hurricane Hugo damaged floodplain Area remained untouched 2003-became 57 th  National Park Indians Congaree Indians-small tribe of about 800 Hunted and fished
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Able to survive of wild game Tribe hit with smallpox Fought colonists-captured and enslaved Climate Sub-tropic Hot humid summers. Cool winters Moderate spring and fall  Trees Famous for huge bald cypress
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Unformatted text preview: Loblolly pines Swampland trees are abundant but have shallow roots Grow very tall and create natural canopy Gums, sycamores, hickories, elms Birds 8 species of woodpeckers Includes the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker Abundance of owls Designated Globally Important Bird Area What to do there Free admission Hiking Canoeing-alone and tours Ranger walk and talks Camping sites, very busy and popular Research Great place for research and educational projects Diversity Saving the forest Sierra Club established monument in 1969 Water pollution is a big issue today...
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congaree outline - Loblolly pines Swampland trees are...

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