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Intro to Criminal Justice Exam 3 Study Guide: Chapters 9 (2nd half), 10, 11, 12, 13 McCleskey v. Zant Furman v. Georgia, Gregg v. Georgia: what impact did these cases have on the death penalty in the US? What is the Innocence Protection Act and what did it do? Wilkerson v. Utah To what extent is probation used in the US? Know the advantages of probation and parole as well as the disadvantages What are challenges to the job of a probation/parole officer? Know what intermediate sanctions are and examples of them What is a split sentence? SVORI program and its phases Know the differences between a curfew, home detention, and home incarceration What is happening to the size of the US prison population? What can we attribute the rate of imprisonment to? Justice model Know the three types of prison capacity and be able to distinguish between the three What is the difference between selective vs. collective incapacitation Classification system What are the different security levels in the federal bureau of prisons? Know the different purposes of jails
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