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Exam 1 Study Guide - Intro to Criminal Justice Exam 1 Study...

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Intro to Criminal Justice Exam 1 Study Guide Be familiar with the history of crime in the United States US Patriot Act and the expanded powers it gives law enforcement and why Individual rights v. public order What is justice? Social justice? Criminal justice? Conflict v. consensus models of the CJS Know the three components of the CJS: police, courts, corrections (what happens in each). Know the different stages and what happens at each as you go through the criminal justice process Concurrent v. consecutive sentences Due process rights…what do these mean? Whose rights are we talking about here? Gideon v. Wainwright Crime control and due process models: emphasis of each What is criminology? Multiculturalism: what is it and how it affects the criminal justice system Know about the criminal justice funnel Major sources of crime data Uniform Crime Reports (also know NIBRS) What is a crime index? What does it include? What is the status of the crime index today?
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