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Study Guide - Exam 4 Psychological Disorders (Chap 13 Franzoi) 1. These classes of disorders (anxiety, mood, schizophrenia, personality) – know basic characteristics of each category, which are most prevalent, etc. A. Anxiety (Generalized, Panic, OCD, and Phobias) – know symptoms of each disorder B. Mood (Depression, Mania, Bipolar) – know symptoms C. Schizophrenia – know positive and negative symptoms 2. How do anxiety disorders develop? (Learning perspective – fear conditioning, stimulus generalization, reinforcement, observational learning; Biological perspective – evolution, genes, physiology) 3. How does schizophrenia develop? (Brain abnormalities – what are they?; genetics; stress, maternal virus) 4. Causes of mood disorders – Biological and social-cognitive 5. What is the DSM-IV? What 3 criterion does it use to diagnose a mental disorder. 6.
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