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Study Guide – Exam 3 Motivation – Franzoi (pgs 395-428; 580-587) Physiological – drive-reduction, homeostasis Hunger – lateral and ventromedial hypothalamus, glucose Physiology of obesity – what factors influence obesity, how do you change your BMR Achievement – difference bet intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and examples of each Sex – hormonal control of sexual behavior (what is different bet humans and animals) What influences motivation: culture, learning, health, physiology, etc. (think of examples) Evolutionary Psy. Men’s and women’s sexual strategies (quality vs. quantity) Why did these strategies evolve (Ie Who has greater investment in reproduction and why?) David Buss – What traits were important for men and women in a long term mate? Universal standards of beauty (symmetry and waist to hip ratio) Casual sex A. Physiological cues that our ancestors had casual sex B. Psychological “ ‘’ Aggression – Franzoi (pgs 615-620) Hostile vs instrumental aggression – examples of each
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